My Story "Stunts" Is Online

TNQ 146.png

For a brief period, my story "Stunts" is up online on the TNQ website and available to be read for free. (Subscribers to the magazine can access the story online anytime.) So check it out, though I should tell you it's a bit of a lengthy piece. Oh, and I love the graphic they've chosen to go with the story. It's the perfect image! Enjoy!

Story Acceptance!

Fantastic news! I just learned today that my story "Stunts" was accepted for publication in The New Quarterly! Thanks to the people at Moosemeat, my writing group, for all the insightful feedback I got, and in particular to Isabel Matwawana who was especially assiduous about going over the story several times with a fine-tooth comb. The story will come out in either the Winter or Spring issue. Very excited!

"Safe" in The New Quarterly

I'm very excited to see my story "Safe" out now in the latest issue of The New Quarterly (no. 138). The story is about a high school English teacher and his obsession with the murder of Chinese student Jun Lin four years ago. I was worried that no one would take on the story given its subject matter, so I'm very grateful that it found a good home at The New Quarterly. The new issue also has work by Elizabeth Hay, Steven Heighton, Cynthia Flood, and a number of others. Can't wait to dig in! Check it out! Also, learn all about why I do not write at my desk by checking out the TNQ blog here

Story Acceptance!

I'm terribly excited and pleased to announce that my mega-long story "Safe" has been accepted for publication in The New Quarterly!  Expect it to come out in either the Spring or Summer issue (will keep you posted, of course). Thanks to the people at Moosemeat, my writing group, who saw an earlier version of the story and offered their insight and suggestions. Can't wait to see it in print!